Friday, December 13, 2019

A day with the president Free Essays

You may choose a fictional or real person. You may choose someone you know personally or a figure in history. You may choose a modern day celebrity. We will write a custom essay sample on A day with the president or any similar topic only for you Order Now You may not choose a close friend or your parents. Place: You may choose a fictional or real place. It can be someplace that you have visited or would like to visit. You may not choose Langley High School, the beach, a vacation home, or your own bedroom. Thing: You may not choose a piece of Jewelry, an electronic device, or a car. Idea: You ay not choose the idea of success or the idea of love or hate. Event: You may not choose your graduation day or your wedding day. You may not choose the day of your birth. Introduction: Hook: The introduction must begin with a quotation that is important to you. You must give credit to the speaker (As my grandfather always says, Transition or Background Sentence: Your background or transition sentences must connect the hook to the thesis. There should be 4-5 of them. Thesis statement: This is the claim entence for your entire essay. It must include the three body paragraph topics in the order that you intend to present them. Body Paragraphs: You will choose three of the topics which you have gathered information about. You will write one paragraph about each topic. The first body paragraph will be significantly weaker than the third body paragraph. Conclusion: Your conclusion will be one of the topics that you did not cover in the body or it can be on the future you envision for yourself. Specifics: Prewriting due date: Peer review draft due date: Final draft due date: Paragraph length: Introduction: 8-10 sentences Body One: 8-10 sentences Body Two: 10-12 sentences Body Three: 12-15 sentences Conclusion: 8-10 sentences This is an informal essay. You may use contractions and personal pronouns. Please do not refer to yourself as â€Å"we† however. Please fill out this space with words you look up from a thesaurus to broaden your use of â€Å"influence† or â€Å"change. † This will be due on the same day as your prewriting. How to cite A day with the president, Papers

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